Trump has declared "world envy" for the economy and the US army

During the annual address to the Congress, the president stressed that his administration had made “rapid progress” in the US economy in the past two years, and the country's armed forces became the most powerful in the world.

US President Donald Trump during his speech with a message to Congress "On the situation of the country" spoke about the successes in the military and economic spheres of America. The appeal is broadcast on the White House website.

“After 24 months of rapid progress, our economy is jealous of the whole world, our military is the most powerful on earth, and America wins day by day,” Trump said.

“We have unleashed a revolution in the US energy industry - the United States is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world,” he said. The only thing that can stop a strong US economy is “stupid wars, politics, or ridiculous guerrilla investigations,” the president stressed.

He warned Democrats from participating in such investigations, urging the Democratic and Republican parties to cooperate. “We should exercise leadership not as two parties, but as one nation,” said Trump, adding that politicians should “find compromises and cooperate.” "Both sides must be able to unite for the great restoration of America’s deteriorating infrastructure."

The president also called on the parties to unite in order to defeat America’s opponents abroad. According to Trump, China has “set its sights” on American industry and stole US intellectual property over the years. “The theft of American jobs and wealth has come to an end,” the head of state emphasized.

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