The Spiritual Problem of Race

Not a small problem in this issue of the Race Advisory Board is the identification of Native Americans. There are many of Native American descent in government, who do not acknowledge this ancestry. This is largely an economic and vanity issue, arising out of the social and economic disadvantages of the identified "Indians," resulting from national policies and Native American reactions to them (that have often been manipulated by those with interests in the manipulations).

We thus can't assume it would seem to behoove our leaders of Indian descent to take it upon themselves to explicitly recognize this descent, and to give it the dignity and respect they owe to it. They are too prone to jump on the " we vs, them" bandwagon, under the banner of what they perceive to be the most advantageous "race."

"Race" will plague us as social issue (problem), as long as we give it social and economic advantages. However, such advantages have been justified in efforts to right past wrongs. Examples of India, Africa, and other multi-racial countries, suggest, however, that we will have major "racial problems" until the underlying realities of cultural issues, such as religion, are rationally reconciled.

Religion, of course, has been the real problem not yet solved by humanity, throughout recorded history. In his religion the person merges with his God. In this merger too many feel they stand alone. In this merger many feel a misguided need to defend Almighty god.

Not so. God is one God. He is The Great Spirit, an omnipotent polarized power, who motivates our souls, thus enabling (and spiritually characterizing) activity of our physical beings. The soul is our rectified spiritual circuitry . Its polarity determines our pro or con (positive or negative) relationship with the Great Spirit.

This polarity is inductive, like electricity and magnetism. It is, in fact, the magnetism of human relationships. This is why it is so critical that parents be polarized with the positivity of the Great Spirit. To plug into the Great Spirit against His flow is guaranteed to blow your soul.

Worse yet, the blowing of your soul can put a negative polarity on the soul of your child. This in not just analogical or metaphorical nonsense. It lies in the root (soul) of the Presidential Advisory Board problem.

Each of us needs to be sure he's plugged into The Great Spirit properly, before we presume to solve age-old problems, for which men of "good faith" have died, since before history was recorded.

Analogies and metaphors get badly bowlegged under the pressure of too much logic, but I hope you can see why I feel we have a spiritual problem.

For me the theological concepts of divine spirituality are analogous to Newton's concepts of gravitation and mechanics.

It took Newton over twenty years to come up with the calculus necessary to explicitly (and mathematically) convey his vision of the concept. I have not so applied myself to the problem of spirituality. I don't seem to have the intellect to enable me to mathematically express spirituality, but it is analogous to electricity and magnetism.

Theology was once known as "Queen of the Sciences." Human religious wrangling (growing in part out of Dead Sea Scroll and Egyptian Gnostic document "higher criticism"), plus lack of worldwide consensus on the nature of God, has deprived it of this identity and much of its dignity. Maybe theology is the area of scientific research in which some young native American will shine.

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