One America?

For Indian America, for America as a whole, I have to question the benefit of homogenization, this melting pot theory. Growing up, the phrase "melting pot" brought images of immigrants and Ellis Island. It represented in my mind not some idea of a society blended and melded into some generic lump, but a society rich with the wealth of many cultures, religions, philosophies. It was the concept of communism that implied some gray unisex, brave-new-world-type images.

So here we are, approaching the millennium and the government will cast us all into the pot and blend away our differences under the guise of debauching racism and separatism.

This same government that fails to recognize the First People of these Lands, that fails to honor its in-place laws, this government that has brought to light quite publicly its intent to ignore the original inhabitants... at least until we are melted.

What benefit is there in being "absorbed" genericized? The government has effected laws in the past to disallow the religious freedoms, outlawed the practices of the Indian People. It has failed to Honor the treaties, continuing to this day, its laws, not ours. It has disdained truth in the telling and representation of history and the interactivity of our history with theirs. It has both institutionalized (on reservations) and assimilated us in hopes of discouraging and discounting our heritage, our ways, our belief systems, and in just a few generations, with the help of (mandatory) boarding schools has eliminated much language and tribal memory.

They, the government, have continued policies of genocide against the indigenous Peoples in pursuit of Land and Resource.

So... how will One America help?

One America "will" allow the government to continue its extermination policies by unionizing the masses. It will allow for a mindset, a mentality that can and possibly will eliminate the respect for difference, for distinction. And this from a country supposedly founded on freedoms and individuality.

One does not make a team by putting a group in a common uniform. Team comes from spirit. It comes from the unique perspectives of team members and their unique talents.

America most assuredly should have an "equal" blend of the masses on the Race Board, in my opinion, and most assuredly the Indian populace should be represented. However, I do not believe that this should be to reflect the idea that the indigenous populace of this country believes in the concept of One America, but to assure that the American Indian is not once again and still forgotten.

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